How to sell Bitcoins in Kenya


If you reading these article then i know you are part of bitcoins traders/investors in kenya or you want to involve yourself in bitcoin trading.Today i am going to show you how you can sell your bitcoins through Mpesa,paypal,Skrill, or Any Online paying Method.
First if you want  sell  your Bitcoins in Kenya you must know the worth of bitcoin.You can use the table below to know the value of Bitcoins in today’s Kenyan  market

1 bitcoin is worth 1365984.94 Kenyan Shilling
0.005 bitcoin is worth 6829.92 Kenyan shilling

to Get more info about the value of bitcoin value to Kenyan market  then visit bitcoin currency table

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Selling bitcoins in Kenya
Steps on selling bitcoins in Kenya Market

1.Sign up to Local Bitcoins
2.On the Menu tab select Sell Bitcoins
3.Select the amount you want to send your bicoins
4.Choose the  method of payment which you want for Mpesa,paypal,webmoney etc
5.After click Search and you will get people who want to buy bitcoins
6.Click the sell.. When you get the best seller with best offer
7.You will get information about the person eg Email,Phone number etc
8.Then Local bitcoins will make sure that the transction will succesful..
N/B all transaction are notified online so there are scamming people also because you bitcoin wallet will also be cant say you have 2 bitcoins while your wallet is reading 0.0005 bitcoin
Sell bitcoins in Kenya

I have used these website for one year and it has work perfectly for me.I have bought and sold bitcoins for several times using these method.If you want to know more about bitcoins ie how to invest in bitcoins and get profit out of then then join my Telagram group


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