5 Ways To make Money From Music in Kenya


Are you an Uprising/upcoming Musician.Then i know you are facing one big challenge and that is How to make money from your music not forgetting getting sponsors and Promoters.Today am not going to talk how to get sponsors and Promoters but am going to show you ways you can Make money from Music without paying anyone.When you apply these tips/ideas you are going to increase your brand,Get a fanbase,and also you will be be able to get funds to make more music videos.

Make money from music in kenya


 Many upcoming musicians forget to monetize their music videos on youtube.These is because they have assumption that when you reach 10,000 views on youtube you will be paid automatically.Youtube is a machine which you must tell it that you want to monitize your video so that it can place Video ads so that A portion of the money made from the advertisements is often given to the rights holders of the music used. You can gain access to this money through CD Baby and TuneCore, which are digital distributors who help you collect your money made on YouTube.

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If you want to make monthly income from Ringback tunes, such as Safaricom’s Skiza Tunes and Airtel’s Hello Tunes service then you must be Smart.This is Because you must search for Content Providers for these services.For example if you want to upload your Bongo Gospel Music to Skiza tune you can contact me.If you want other skiza tune services contact us and we will direct you to other skiza tune providers .The more popular your songs are the better because there are high chances that your fans will download or set your song as skiza tune and before you know it,You will be making money from Ringback tunes

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Make money with music


Events are is the best way to sell you Cd and other merchandises from your music brand eg Tshirt,Sweaters with your logo.Many upcoming artist when they go to an event they only think about perfoming and payment.They forget about creating  there own brand.So when you go to an event please tell your fans to buy your CD,set your song as a Ringback tune.

You can also organize your own event where you can set an entrance as

  1. fee
  2. Buy your CD
  3. Set you tune as a skiza tune
  4. Your music

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 We are in a digital world so many people use there smartphone to download things instead of buying song. You can make use of the online platform to make your music available to the millions of people who use the Internet. You can upload you song on websites, such as mdundo, Bandcamp or iTunes provide a suitable platform to distribute your songs to people who will pay a certain amount before downloading the album. You could also set up a website where people can visit, sample and buy your music.

Make money from music

5.Source for sponsorships

 With an established fan base, you can reach out to various companies who can sponsor you in the form of cash, free products or sponsoring your recording sessions or videos. Companies that are likely to consider sponsoring you are ones that deal in products or services that target your fan base. Aligning with you provides them with the chance to reach these target customers – who happen to constitute your fan base. For you, this is an opportunity to rake in some extra cash thanks to your musical prowess and established fan base.

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The Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), which ensures that you receive the money due to you from the many times your music plays on different for a including TV, radio as well as entertainment joints. At a fee, they will monitor to ensure that you are not under priced and collect your full dues on your behalf, which you can always collect as per your agreement with these copyright agencies

Those are the  5 ways you can do to earn money from music.Out of those ideas which one has ever worked for you.You can also comment an idea which you used to make money from you music.O



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